FNSCP / 2022

Frank Maston

Composer & Producer


Frank Maston is a Los Angeles-born musician, composer & producer, currently based in Paris. He has been releasing music under his surname since 2011. He has also produced and mixed albums by numerous other artists and performs as a session and touring musician. 

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              Music from the exhibition "L'Ultima Cena Part II" by Mattea Perrotta at the Haverkampf Leistenschneider Galerie in Berlin, Germany, 2022.
The music was written for and inspired by the exhibition, with the intention of complementing and accenting the paintings. It attempts to interpret, in sonic form, the moods and narratives in Perrotta's works.

These pieces of music were designed to be played in the exhibition space. Recorded in Paris, France in February 2022, it was released as a limited edition cassette by Phonoscope. Read more about the exhibition here

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released April 14 2022


              Comissioned by KPM to make a new, original addition to their catalog, Maston channels the classic era of KPM records and Italian soundtrack music with a diverse collection of easy tempo and lounge-inspired filmic cues. Featuring performances from whistler and vocalist Molly Lewis, guitarist Pedrum Siadatian, and bassist Elie Ghersinu.

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Available for licensing from KPM

released April 1st 2021


              For his fourth release, Maston enlisted the Swiss band L’éclair to back him up on the mini-album Souvenir, recorded in February of 2019.  At once a departure from and a continuation of the sound he carefully honed on Tulips, Souvenir was recorded live-in-studio at the Tone Boutique in Haarlem with Jasper Geluk. It was accompanied by videos for the songs Souvenir and Swiss Franc, both directed by Frank Maston. Available from Innovative Leisure

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released September 9th 2021